Wildlands Analysis

On the occasion of the recent opening of the 3rd of Narcos by Netflix, I retrieve this analysis that he wrote for March (Time runs, isn´t it?). I had a dream, I dreamed of creating a Narcostate … The Ghost Recon franchise is back after several years of rest and with Wildlands have come big changes for her, presenting for the first time an overwhelming open world and a gameplay that recalls in many as the Division as a MGSV. Taking advantage of the pull of the famous Netflix series,… Read More

Romanian government will adopt the euro in 2022

The romanian goverment is aiming to adopt the single currency in 2022. The cabinet of Klaus Iohannis show their interest to join the currency the past 28 of August. Although the country managed to reach the standards required to join the euro, the foreign minister publicly expressed the desire to maintain the Romanian Leu for another 5 years to protect the pension system and prepare it for inflation that would lead to change of currency. “Already today we meet all the formal requirements, we could join the currency union even… Read More

Analyzing terrorism: Dehumanization.

ndependently of the political spectrum, all the organizations that appeal to the armed struggle have a factor in common: The dehumanization of the individual This is understood in various ways, both external and internal. At an internal level, any of these organizations tries to homogenize and adapt the individual characteristics to the current of the same. In the case of the leftist groups, this tendency is to the conception of a mentality of liberation of the individuals when introducing them in a group. That is, the freedom of the proletariat,… Read More